Power Washing


Home, Patio, & Deck Power Washing

Don’t let a dirty, grimy, or unsightly sidewalk, patio, or deck take away from the beauty of your colorful and enjoyable landscaping. Genesee Valley Landscape provides professional power washing solutions that guarantee clean surfaces such as brick, siding, roofing, concrete, patios, decks, and much more. We’ll bring the right equipment, cleansers, and experience so your property looks its best.

Soft Washing is the combination of the use of correct detergents, dwell times, and lower pressure rinsing systems. The detergents we utilize are effective at killing molds, mildews, and algae, allowing us to safely remove the “grime” from any surface.

While power washing can be viewed as a do-it-yourself project, there is a clear distinction between a DIY crew and professional services. This means you get greater capability of equipment and greater expertise by having trained power washing technicians do it for you.

A do-it-yourself washer may set the pressure too high for the surface or hold the nozzle too close to it. This can result in chipped painting, damaged screens, and ruined siding. And though most power washing equipment you can rent has the same PSI as commercial-grade tools, it holds a minimal amount of water—making this project take days, not hours.

A majority of a house and its surrounding property can be cleaned using a power washer. This includes sidings, roofs, wooden decks, gutters, and even outdoor concrete surfaces like patios and driveways. In addition to concrete, a power washer can also be used on aluminum, brick, wood, stone, stucco, and vinyl surfaces.