Landscape Maintenance


Residential & Commercial Landscaping

Keeping your home or business landscaping healthy and beautiful is an ongoing effort, which is why we offer weekly and seasonal landscape maintenance for residential and commercial customers.

Let our experienced landscape maintenance crews take care of all the necessary tasks, so you can enjoy your landscape instead of worrying about it. We’ll work around your schedule and budget!

When maintaining home landscaping and planting beds, we make sure everything from plantings to lawns to edgings look amazing.

Since 2019 our team has had the pleasure of maintaining one of the worlds largest living signs in the country, located in Canisteo, NY.

The Glen Iris Inn is one of the many properties we maintain at Letchworth State Park, keeping it beautiful for guests throughout the year.

We understand that every property has seasonal needs. In the Spring, our teams can freshen things up by cleaning and hauling away all Winter debris.

In Summer, we’ll keep your grounds and garden beds looking beautiful throughout the growing seasons.

In the Fall, we keep grounds free of fallen leaves and prepare you for Winter by cutting back grasses and perennials. Your schedule is our schedule!

Our experts use mechanical means to cut clean, attractive edges around all mulch beds and sidewalks. Our mulching applications are done with precision in conjunction with edging. Sometimes, additional mulch is needed to maintain the beauty of the garden or walkway. If needed, we offer the highest quality of mulch in a variety of colors, matching whatever type you may have.
Pruning is performed depending on the specific type of plants on each property. Once the plant is identified, it is pruned to promote optimal blooming and growth, or to create the effect desired by our clients.
We can schedule regularly-scheduled visits and provide all of the necessary nutrition, pest management, and attention your gardens, trees, and plantings need to thrive.