Landscape Planting


Landscape Planting for Home or Business

Landscape installation requires a proper understanding of the various varieties of plants, their soil and sun requirements, and the steps necessary to ensure plant survival depending on the season of installation. From flowers to shrubs to trees, our team can handle all aspects of proper landscaping installation.

At Genesee Valley Landscape Co, our team of qualified landscapers are able to draw on their extensive knowledge to make sure your plantings not only look amazing, but are prepped to thrive.

Yes! You can rely on us to liven up your landscape throughout the year. Our landscaping and gardening experts can help select and plant Annual Colors to brighten up your yard or business property.

To maximize colors in-season, flowers can be changed out multiple times throughout the seasons. There are several varieties that grow well in our climate zone and we’ll take care of the work so you don’t have to. Contact us to learn more!

Eye-catching colors not only make you happy and are pleasing to look at, they also add massive curb appeal. We can help you select the right plants for seasonal growth, and the colors and color combinations that you want.

You will most likely want a combination of perennial and annual plantings so you can enjoy greenery and colors through the spring, summer, and fall seasons. Our team will help you decide what to plant, where to plant, and when to plant.

Both! Prepare your lawn and landscape for the coming winter or renew your lawn and plants during the spring with a spring or fall clean-up provided by the experienced and dedicated team at Genesee Valley Landscape.

As a part of these clean-ups, our crew will assess your property, clear away leaves and debris, remove sticks and fallen branches, manicure your planting beds, and more.